Roberto Salvador Illustrates Do-Gooders Yelling Hilariously

 - Nov 23, 2011
References: thatdesignbastard.prosite & blog.thaeger
I can't help but chuckle at these Roberto Salvador illustrations of famous pop culture protagonists. That's because the extensive series, entitled 'Screaming Heroes' and featuring 15 memorable faces, captures the outrageous expressions of do-gooders amidst screaming. The unflattering manners in which their faces are depicted brings joy and satisfaction to my heart.

Some of the characters featured in 'Screaming Heroes' include The Flash, Superman, Han Solo, He-Man, Kaneda from Akira and Batman. The protagonists are drawn over swatches of colors and have caricaturist proportions. In fact, if you fold up each subjects' limbs, I'm pretty sure you can fit their entire bodies into their respective heads. Why oh why can't I stop laughing at these illustrations?

Roberto Salvador is a Graphic Designer currently working in Brussels, Belgium. He also dabbles in pixel art.