The Patrick Jean ‘Pixel' Short Film

First seen with real effect in Royksopp’s video for Happy Up Here, French director Patrick Jean has gone one step further in infecting real world images with 8-bit icons in his movie ‘Pixel.’ This Patrick Jean ‘Pixel’ short film sees NYC getting pixellated by our digital friends.

Just like disco seems to rebound with certainty, re-invented for each clubbing season, 8-bit graphics, that staple of early gaming generations, constantly re-appear in pop culture. Carved from the very earliest digital building blocks, these world famous icons (often variations on the originals) continue to infect the media—whether through fashion labels like Joystick Junkies or jewelry (like London’s Bwoy Wonder’s 8-bit lego necklaces), street art (like France’s own Invader), not to mention magazines, design and furniture.