Kelly McKernan Renders Ravishing Women Amid 8-Bit Effect

 - Jan 18, 2012
References: kellymckernan & artforadults.tumblr
These Kelly McKernan paintings are a perfect blend between organic and digital-age aesthetics. Each ravishing subject McKernan illustrates is enough to warrant viewers’ attention, but she throws in a peculiar twist to her work, adding what looks like pixelation into analog productions and elevates her creations into avant-garde territory.

Kelly McKernan doesn’t always employ this technique, but when she does, it gives her images a mesmerizing effect since viewers are stuck between the worlds of digital imaging and handcrafted fine arts. When she isn’t stunning people with her abstract compositions, McKernan often likes illustrating subjects submerged in water or depictions inspired by aquatic life.

For an in-depth explanation about the meanings behind this Atlanta, Georgia-based artist’s work -- as well as more eye candy -- visit her personal website.