Paperbeatsscissors Jazzes Up Print Jobs With Vibrant Birdies

Leave it to graphic designer Paperbeatsscissors to make ink cartridges interesting. These avian illustrations reinvigorate yellow, black, magenta and cyan inks by pairing them with some kooky bird graphics.

Paperbeatsscissors is an illustrator who's mastered many different art styles. For this particular series of illustrations, Paperbeatsscissors used pixel art to further accentuate the theme of computers and the digital world. Though these birds appear pixelated, the series really speaks volumes about Paperbeatsscissors' talent, as each avian is perfectly identifiable and highly detailed. The concept itself is also quite quirky, and with an alias like Paperbeatsscissors, you know this artist must be a fun person to have around.

My favorite illustration of the bunch has got to be the canary, even though I don't think I've ever printed a document strictly in yellow ink.