The 8-bit Cthulhu T-Shirt Combines a Nerdy Aesthetic with Geek Lore

 - Aug 22, 2011
References: tshirtlaundry & fashionablygeek
This 8-bit Cthulhu t-shirt may just be the closest gamers are going to get to actually fighting the mountain-sized monster in a video game. Still, the thought alone of a game featuring H.P. Lovecraft's most famous creation is enough to satisfy geeks everywhere.

The 8-bit Cthulhu t-shirt includes the iconic Final Fantasy life bar and denotes that Cthulhu has 9999 HP (health points), the maximum amount of points a creature can physically have. This t-shirt is literally a collision of all awesome things nerd-related and I'm thankful this thing exists.

Implications - Consumers enjoy apparel that demonstrate their affinity for particular media franchises because they want to express their interests in an extroverted way. Corporations may consider customization options for their wares so that consumers can use a product while simultaneously demonstrating their interests.