Rock the Arcade Gentleman Look with the Space Invaders Silk Tie

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: etsy & geekalerts
While most quickly assume that dressing geeky really just entails an individual with a sci-fi shirt, the Space Invaders Silk Tie will tell the nay-sayers that geek wear can come in the form of formal attire.

The very retro Space Invaders Silk Tie features the aliens from the popular arcade game that many grew up with. The neckties show off three of the creatures that many have blasted over the years in their 8-bit form, which is always nice since retro styles seem to be huge nowadays. The graphics are screen printed and the accessories are made entirely out of silk for a smooth look that'll go well with any suit.

Wear the Space Invaders Silk Tie and show the world that dressing geeky can also mean looking suave.