- Jan 13, 2013
As the all-time most popular and pervasive video game character of all time, it’s no surprise that talented artists the world over have made their own creative Super Mario art interpretations.

From amazing interactive graffiti art to mashing-up classic ‘Smiths’ tunes with Mario themes, there’s no shortage of artists inspired by the adventures of the portly plumber through the Mushroom Kingdom.

Some of these products feature artwork of all kinds from other franchises, but the trend we’ve noticed is that no franchise has truly inspired as much artistic ideas as Nintendo’s flagship character. It’s interesting to think how many millions of lives the character has touched, especially when you consider the original Super Mario Bros. incredibly basic storyline basically boiled down to one statement: "The princess is in another castle!"

At least you won’t have to go to another castle in order to check out all this amazing Super Mario Art!

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