Jose Emroca Flores Paints Super Mario Like a True Artist

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: emroca & inkwings.tumblr
As video game graphics continue to become more advanced, so too are the looks of video game characters, but Jose Emroca Flores is already ahead of technology by illustrating the Super Mario series in a more realistic manner. Gone are the 8-bit blocks that force gamers to use their imaginations to conjure up the image of a red overalls-wearing plumber, and instead, viewers are treated to a detailed depiction of a rather badass looking man laying waste to the enemies found within the whimsical world of the Nintendo game.

Though Jose Emroca Flores tries to bring Mario into a realm more grounded in reality, he obviously can’t ignore all the crazy elements like turtles with wings and giant mushrooms found within the classic game. He’s meticulous in the rendering of these creatures and the innocuous aesthetic of the villains now look rather threatening in comparison to what gamers are used to.