These Celebrity Sculptures are Made from Slices of Wonder Bread

 - Jul 19, 2013
References: en.rastergallery & thatsnerdalicious
People seem to find endless materials to use to make quirky art projects, and these celebrity portraits made from slices of Wonder Bread are no different. Creatively using slices of mushed white Wonder Bread, polish artist Milena Korolczuk molds the heads of famous celebrities into mini works of art.

While bread doesn't seem like the best material to use to create sculptures, when bread is crumpled up it actually shrinks in size and becomes extremely malleable. By combining food with celebrity culture, Milena Korolczuk molds the heads of famous icons like rapper Jay-Z, pop culture icon Andy Warhol and artist Marina Abramović. After peeling away the bread's crust, Milena Korolczuk squishes the bread, rolls the bread into a tiny ball and uses a pencil to carve out the individual details of each celebrity's face.