Tisha Cherry Recreates Delicious Versions of Portraits and Street Art

 - Jun 10, 2014
References: frank151 & neatorama
Moms might have always chided children for playing with their food, but Tisha Cherry shows them that sometimes great things can come of such disobedience. Re-imagining pop culture moments in everything from a spilled cup of tea to an opened Oreo cookie and a cleverly cut pizza, Tisha Cherry does not let her chosen medium ever get the best of her. That is saying much since many people would have taken a big bite out of half of them before the work was done.

Instagramming all of her delicious creations, Tisha Cherry creates portraits of celebrities, recreates famous street and more. Tisha Cherry reveals, "It’s not so much a technical skill as it is being resourceful and putting "the pieces" together. It’s about finding the right ingredient to mimic color and the right utensil to manipulate that ingredient."