The Golden Ratio Cookie Cutter is 3D-Printed for Precision

 - May 13, 2014
References: etsy & awesomeetsy.tumblr
The Golden Ratio Cookie Cutter from The Netherlands-based Etsy shop 'Printmeneer' won't create equally sized cookies, but it will make mathematically perfect ratios seem absolutely delicious.

To get the cookie cutter to be as precise as possible, it was 3D-printed. The cutter is made from biodegradable plastic and to make things even more environmentally friendly, the printer it was made with is powered by solar panels.

In addition to cookie dough, the cutter is able to handle other soft foods like cheeses and fondant. With some of the world's most famous artists using the golden mean, this tool should help with the creation of some pretty awe-inspiring food art too. Hopefully there won't be too many fights over who gets the biggest cookie piece, since it's considerably larger than the rest.