From Art History Activity Cards to Space Experiment Kits

 - Jul 23, 2015
These unique tween-targeted activity sets provide educational and engaging exercises for restless young ones in between the elementary and teenage years.

Earth-friendly paint kits entice tweens with all the whimsy and playfulness of finger painting with an environmentally conscious edge. Meanwhile, eco garden sets provide important foundation for curious preteens regarding healthy eating and sustainable consumption.

While space experiment kits encourage STEM curiosities and an interest in how the world around them works, sneaker customization sets inspire a tween's inner design guru.

Such ready-made activity sets will be particularly useful for busy parents seeking to provide their preteen with stimulating exercises but don't have the time to curate such activities themselves. A true investment in raising a well-rounded teen, these kits and sets also encourage tweens to take pride in their creative process as well as the finished product.