Nathan ShieldsCreates Highly Detailed Disney Princesses for Breakfast

 - May 7, 2015
References: saipancakes & today
Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is at it again with a new series of Disney pancake art. He is already widely known as the pancake master, but it is his latest Disney-inspired creations that have been generating a great deal of recent buzz. Featuring the popular princesses Cinderella, Elsa, Jasmine and a number of other recognizable characters, these delicious Disney pancake art are served to the artist's daughter in the accompanying video. Her enthusiastic reaction clearly demonstrates just how detailed and realistic these pancake creations truly are.

Shields has gained a prominent following over the years with this unbelievable pancake creations, which have run the gamut from intricate sea creatures, to well-known celebrities. A professional illustrator and math teacher, Shields explains that his pancake designs began simply as a way to entertain his children, but have now grown into an artistic pursuit that continues to challenge and excite him.