So-se-jin is the Art of Modelling Sausages to Look Like People

 - Apr 30, 2014
References: & designtaxi
Your mother may have told you to never play with your food, but a new type of food art in Japan called so-se-jin is an exception. So-se-jin, or "sausage people" are being added into bento boxes in restaurants in Japan. They are also a great way for parents to entice their children to eat.

The little wieners can easily be cut up, prior to being cooked, to resemble a person. You can create arms, a little face and legs -- the concept is essentially the meat version of string cheese. Some people are even topping them with little edible hats and hair or dressing them with condiments.

Japan is known for its outlandish gastronomical creations that go viral, so it will come as no surprise if this concept gets picked up and turned into a meat-market product, perhaps by Oscar Meyer.