These Adventure Time Cupcakes are Shaped like Finn and Jake the Dog

If you're a fan of the cult classic cartoon Adventure Time, then you'll love these cute cupcakes shaped like Finn and Jake the Dog. Baker Ant of Nerdache Cakes cleverly turned sugary cupcakes into edible works of animated art.

Ants made these quirky Adventure Time cupcakes by playing around with different decorating techniques. After the cupcakes are baked, Ant adds extra cupcake dough to form a rounded head shape. Then Ant adds colored layers of fondant to create a base for the character using bright yellow for the Jake the Dog cupcake and white for Finn. From there, Ant adds carefully cut out fondant shapes to replicate the cartoon characters' features. If you're interested in making these Adventure Time cupcakes at home, Ant's has a easy to follow tutorial up on her YouTube channel.