This Erotic Food Photography Will Get You Excited in a New Way

Bobby Doherty's latest artistic contribution is a series of erotic food photography. While many before him have capitalized on the suggestive nature of edible material, Doherty takes it to another level. Many of his images are imbued with an ethereal, almost cosmic quality that borders on surreal.

These fetishized foodstuffs are sure to send shivers down your spine, whether it be the shot of a succulent, buxom raspberry delicately squeezed between two fingers or a close-up of an extra gooey, luscious slice of brie. Doherty's work should come with a disclaimer: warning, may cause a potentially uncomfortable sexual attraction to perishable food items.

Whipped cream and strawberries are the typical cuisine of the bedroom, but Doherty's collection of titillating photographs may encourage you to expand the menu to include cheese, eggs and citrus fruit.