- Aug 19, 2013
These mouthwatering examples of food photography force viewers to look at food in new and sometimes peculiar ways. Everybody loves food, and artists are no exception. These collections focus on fruits, veggies and messier meals.

The studded legume photography series features all kinds of studded fruits. This series includes bananas, apples, lemons and oranges. These captures turn fruit into something more fashionable (and less appetizing).

The Limb-infused photo series by artist Gabriella Scali combines body parts with food in a playful way. These captures photograph feet, arms, and other limbs next to food in front of colorful backgrounds.

The close-up food photography series presents food in a way it's never been seen before. In this series a Pop Tart is photographed close-up, to the point where the viewer can't tell that they're looking at food.

These fantastic photography collections will inspire adults to play with their food.

From Studded Legume Images to Suspended Fruit Photos: