NYC Chef Bans Food Photography, Bloggers Rebell

 - Jun 21, 2008   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: nymag
The restaurant that started the food porn trend in New York City has now taken the next logical step and is banning photography of the food. But the omnipotent blogging community is flooding the market with illegitimate shots.

Ko's boss David Chang says, "It's only food - eat it." Other restaurant bosses have yet to adopt this facist policy as long as the shuttering is kept to a minimum.

Implications - Now, it's understandable why David Chang has instituted this "law" -- the dining experience is being perverted by bloggers and social media obsessives alike who feel the need to share their meals with the rest of the world, but come on, that's how some people enjoy their meals. Who is Chang to prevent paying customers from enjoying their meals the way they'd like?