Electron Microscope Food Photography Looks at Everyday Edibles

 - Sep 30, 2012
References: carenalpertfineart & gizmodo
San Francisco artist and photographer Karen Alpert takes watching what you eat to a new extreme with her collection of electron microscope food photography.

If you've ever wondered what a Poptart looks like at about 500 times magnification, now you have the chance to actually see it thanks to these amazingly close high-resolution images.

Using an electron microscope, Alpert zooms in on a wide range of everyday food items, such as celery, coconut flakes and onions, and then photographs them at a super close range to reveal their incredibly detailed features. For instance, an intensely close picture of a fortune cookie looks strikingly similar to satellite photos taken of the surface of Mars.

Check out Alpert's full gallery to see other fantastic images of raisins, licorice, shrimp and other foodstuffs that look absolutely mind-blowing upon close inspection.