WiseGEEK Demonstrates What 200 Calories Look Like on Your Plate

 - Feb 20, 2013
References: wisegeek & theorange.co
It can be difficult to know exactly how many calories we intake every day, so WiseGEEK started a project where 200 calories worth of various foods are photographed so people can visualize how much they are really consuming.

This project isn't about shaming people who eat fatty foods or indulge in snacks, it is meant to empower people through the knowledge of how different foods stack up against each other, such as a huge pile of celery versus a few chocolate pieces. With this type of information and visual comparison, people who want to make healthier choices will be able to see that it is more worth their while to snack on a plate of apples than a plate of chips.

Find out what 200 calories of your favorite food looks like.