- Aug 15, 2014
Finding delicious gluten-free dessert ideas can be extremely tricky if you're craving something sweet. While many pastries, cakes and confectionaries tend to be filled with flour, wheat and other gluten-filled ingredients there are several yummy alternatives you can find or make at home that taste just as good.

Whether you're gluten-free by choice or for health reasons, gluten-free desserts are a much healthier option for your body. You can still achieve the same yummy taste of pies, donuts and cookies by swapping out a few ingredients or revamping the format of the dessert. Instead of having pie why not try a refreshing a blueberry pie smoothie that eliminates the gluten-filled crust? Or test out a gluten-free cookie recipe for the same delicious confectionary taste without the flour.

From Refreshing Pie Smoothies to Decadent Donut Macarons: