Trend Hunter's Jaime Neely Discusses Delightful Examples of Art Made of Food Items

 - Jun 16, 2014
People say you can find beauty even in the most unusual of places, which is perhaps why art made of food is so enticing. Trend Hunter Senior Editor Jaime Neely discusses some interesting ways she has seen this done, from milk-splashed pinup girls to edible iconic portraits to yogurt fairytale paintings.

While there is no shortage of examples of art made of food, it would appear many of these innovative usages involve dairy products. Whether it's creative overlaying of milk splashes or using the breast milk of multiple mothers to make tiny keepsake shoes, milk-based art is apparently a thing. This also includes Natalie Eve Garrett's captivating use of yogurt in her fairytale creations. Of course, edible art could also consist of chewing gum or other materials.