Shinri Tezuka's Animal Lollipops are Inspired by Underwater Life

 - May 11, 2015
References: curazy & spoon-tamago
Shinri Tezuka is an animal lollipop manufacturer who specializes in lifelike confections with an oceanic theme. The artisan candy maker creates fish and frog-shaped lollipops that will appeal to foodies with a serious sweet tooth.

These Instagram-worthy confections are synonymous with Amezaiku, the Japanese lollipop-making craft that has been a tradition for centuries. What started off as a sentimental gift gesture is now a covetable souvenir by both candy lovers and fans of oddities. Located in Tokyo's Asakusa district, Shinri Tezuka's Ameshin candy shop is a go-to for animal lollipops that are intricately crafted and surprisingly lifelike.

His awe-inspiring candy creations celebrate tradition and can be described as pieces of edible art. They will appeal to a niche demographic and are an inexpensive souvenir tourists can take home to loved ones.