The 2016 Dawn of Justice Film Fuses Batman and Superman's Logos Together

 - May 22, 2014
References: imdb & sploid.gizmodo
The newest Batman movie, Dawn of Justice, pits the boisterous Dark Knight against the krypton superhero, Superman. In celebration of the superheroes pairing together for the Hollywood big screen, the official Batman Superman logo was released to audiences today around the world.

The hybrid Batman and Superman symbol cleverly fuses both of the iconic superhero emblems together in a creative and innovative way. The compound logo features Batman's infamous black bat signal designed in an elegant black concrete cutout as the logo's outline. Inside the bat signal is Superman's iconic 'S' chest emblem cleverly embossed into the bat signal. To add Superman's signature colors into this hybrid superhero logo, the Superman 'S' logo features subtle yellow and red shadowing that delicately drips down the bat signal.