This Joker Fan Art Uses Salt to Recreate the Notorious Batman Villain

 - Jul 6, 2013
References: youtube & toplessrobot
YouTuber Bashirsultani is famous for his remarkable salt drawings of famous characters and this Joker fan art depiction is an artistic feat. Made solely from using table salt, Bashirsultani arranges by hand the thousands of salt granules into Joker's iconic pale-faced visage.

Bashirsultani starts with a tiny bit of salt scattered across a black paper background that he begins to move around and sculpt into Joker's face. Bit by bit Bashirsultani adds more and more layers of salt to create depth, shading and even immaculate details of the Batman's most celebrated villain's face. The end result is a Joker fan art depiction that looks as if it was created using white chalk, not tiny pieces of salt. A nod to Joker's duplicitous character, Bashirsultani even uses a Joker playing card to expertly move the salt around.