Tom Chambers Captures Humans & Animals as One Being

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: tomchambersphoto & mymodernmet
Combining humans and animals can produce stunning, harmonious results as Tom Chambers proves within his stunning captures. These fantasy-filled worlds that viewers are given the opportunity to explore are the product of this Pennsylvania photographer's vivid imagination.

Tom Chambers strives to display the balancing act between humans and the animal kindgom within each of his majestic captures while at the same time encouraging people to rid themselves of animal-harming habits. 'My Modern Metropolis' quotes Tom Chambers, "the animal kingdom and mankind engage in an ongoing dance of co-existence which results in a predictable tension. This tension has escalated with man's increasing disregard for the fragility of the environment and abdication of his responsibility to care for the earth."

Implications - Encouraging positive human-animal relations can be interpreted as a valuable extension to the eco-movement consumers are experiencing. Companies that promote animal rights and eco-initiatives within their work and mission statements will continue to play a valuable role within modern civilization.