- Jul 11, 2013
The face of a model is often the main focal point of any fashion spread, but these examples of faceless photography are showcasing just how eerie and mysterious it is to block out the facial expressions of people.

With so many different photographic captures and magazines on the stands, it takes something truly unique and mesmerizing to capture a reader's attention, and these faceless examples will certainly spook anyone who seems them. By eliminating the facial features of a person all-together, you also serve to eliminate emotion and personality, turning that individual into an unspecified and unknowing creature. Creating often disturbing and frightening looks, these faceless photography examples will surely make an impression with its shocking themes.

From faceless soldier photography to colorfully surreal photoshoots, these eerie emotionless photographic captures will definitely inspire readers to have a second look.

From Faceless Gothic Portraits to Faceless Footwear Features: