Shape by Quentin Arnaud Plays with Light to Remove Subject Features

 - Dec 4, 2011
References: quearn.tumblr & illusion.scene360
The fantastic photography series titled Shape by Quentin Arnaud is mysterious and alluring. The French artist played with colors and light to achieve an optical effect where the subjects' faces seem like nothing but a deep, black hole. These monochromatic captures rely on shape and tonality to create a collection of patterns formed by shadow and light.

This unique project is captivating because through light, not digitally, the photographer managed to remove and create the illusion of people without faces. The dark patch perfectly centered in the middle of the head shows the ability of the camera and art to visually produce unexpected aesthetics.

Shape by Quentin Arnaud is more than photography, it is a series that showcases the power of the artist to manipulate his surroundings and other techniques to give life to new forms of art.