Imperial Uhlans by Juha Arvid Helminen Depicts a Dark Army

The Imperial Uhlans photo series fetishizes war. The parallels between military outfits, religious fanaticism and sadomasochism is undeniable. As Robyn Germanese of Trendland points out, "With the neat order, rigid structure, extreme power, and eventually the delight of pain, it is not difficult to see why." Interestingly, the Imperial Uhlans series doesn't sexualize elements of war. Instead, the dark scenes are simply suggestive. Mysteriously so, in fact.

Shot by Juha Arvid Helminen, a photographer hailing from Finland, the Imperial Uhlans photo series portray soldiers as faceless beings that form an invisible empire. The black on black imagery may be disconcerting, but it produces a level of menace that will resound in the soul of the observer. Empty and gritty, the sense of loneliness seeping from the Imperial Uhlans series is papable.