These Hipster Approved Editorials are Youthfully Edgy

 - Mar 16, 2013
From grungy urbanite editorials to small-town cover captures, these Oyster Magazine photoshoots exude a youthful and edgy air. Known for its raw and rebellious imagery, the Australian publication always embraces up-and-coming models, photographers and fashion designers, giving them a creative platform that comes with a lot of freedom.

The epitome of hipster chic, this undeniably edgy style publication appeals to a younger generation of readers who are looking to make a serious style statement.

Keeping with the publication's signature air of nostalgia, these Oyster Magazine photoshoots often reference past era styling and pay homage to an 80s or 90s aesthetic that reads vintage and eclectic to the eye. These grungy, retro glam and boldly bohemian editorials defy tradition and pave the way for anti-style fashion.