We Are the World by Liu Xue is Disturbingly Comical

 - Dec 17, 2013
References: blog.artron.net & beautifuldecay
Although Liu Xue's creations are something more appropriate for the Halloween season rather than the Christmas one, it is hard to overlook his sculptures. The grotesque figures depict human-animal hybrids that look as though they stepped straight out of the eerie mind of movie director Guillermo del Toro. Instead, it was Liu Xue who conceived and created them.

Based in Beijing, China, Liu Xue envisions everything from a man merged with a pig to a woman with a chicken and another man with a dog. Although quite disturbing, Beautiful Decay points out that Liu Xue's "choice to pair a human with an animal seem to be because it’s funny, and the hybrids fit with each other thematically."