Mafia Animals Shows That the Law of the Jungle is Violent

 - Jun 17, 2011
References: & whitezine
Canadian photographer Nick Rudnicki is back again with a humorous set of images entitled Mafia Animals.

The Mafia Animals series is exactly how it sounds; a series of models with animal masks on acting as mobsters. So if you think rabbits and horses aren't tough, you better think again, because they'll be more than willing to pop a cap in you if you're not paying up. Each of the photographs depicts the models conducting a variety of illegal acts that will remind you why messing around with the mob isn't wise unless you're doing it in a game. Either way, the animal world is looking a lot scarier.

The recreation of mafia scenes in Nick Rudnicki's photographs is so well-done that it's almost like looking at a screen shot of a movie.