João Ruas Articulates Human Nature Through Primal Traits

 - May 23, 2012
References: feral-kid & juxtapoz
In a world of dark fantasy, haunting environments and feral hybrids, João Ruas's artwork comes to life. Ruas turns to the combination between animal and human characteristics to explore notions of one's darker half. While the pictures aren't overtly malicious, the atmosphere is nonetheless foreboding.

The dual qualities of Ruas's illustrations beautifully juxtapose human characteristics to animal features. One picture has a woman cradling a rabbit/child hybrid, the combination of the two features conveys a sense of innocence and fragility.

While the fantasy elements are clearly defined, the combination of human to animal blends together in such a way that it becomes unclear as to which properties are to be noticed first. Are these animals first and humans second, or should human features be considered dominate to primal traits?