From Sharp Switchblade Jewelry to Scottish Pup Ear Adornments

 - Feb 10, 2013
Accessories are an essential part to completing an outfit, and finding the right one to showcase your style and personality is sometimes a difficult task, but these eclectic earring designs are sure to add a splash of quirkiness and creativity to any outfit.

While these miniature pieces of jewelry can often seem insignificant to an overall look, these little accessories can actually make a huge impression simply with their design, shape or reference to something iconic. From earrings that are inspired by well-known arcade games to those that are shaped like some of your favorite snack food items, these eclectic designs are a great way to pay tribute to some of your all-time favorite characters, games or movies.

What better way to show off some of your most eccentric tastes then by hanging some of the most odd and unusual designs on your ear?