Jewelry Designer Ryan Storer Creates Wildly Glamorous Ear Cuffs

Freelance jewelry and accessory designer Ryan Storer has concocted bedazzled floral ear cuffs.

The cuffs are the perfect statement pieces. They are a whimsical mix of old Hollywood glamour and modern fixation with adornment. The ear accessories are made of clusters of Swarovski crystals and pearls combined to create a shimmering vine along the ear line. Wear them with your hair back to show them off or hid them behind a few strands to create a peek-a-boo of sparkle. These pieces can be worn amongst other gems or as stand alone pieces to season an outfit. You can collect them along with other Ryan Storer original pieces including bangles, earrings and necklaces.

Ryan pays keen attention to detail and each piece of ornate jewelry has the feel of long-lasting wearability and elegance like his floral ear cuffs.