Charlotte Caron Paints the Faces of Wildlife onto Human Photographs

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: & lacarpa.tumblr
Artists often depict humanimal creations via one particular medium, but Charlotte Caron creates her own hybrid creations by painting the faces of wildlife creatures on top of photographs of people. The results are a dreamy blend of both worlds as Caron’s photographs have a nostalgic, vintage feel and it’s coupled with streaky, surreal artwork. In an age of digital artistry, it’s invigorating to see a creative talent fashion analog pieces and execute them so well.

Viewers will notice Charlotte Caron doesn’t just stick with doing straight-on portraits or ¾ views or profile shots; she does them all. This gives her the opportunity to render various animals from different perspectives that audiences aren’t accustomed to seeing. One has to wonder how she decides which animal head gets assigned to which person.