This 'Sheep Nation' Series is Surreal and Wooly

 - Jun 27, 2012
References: davideluciano &
Davide Luciano's 'Sheep Nation Scenes' along with 'Sheep Nation Portraits' are two components of his larger 'Sheep Nation' project. As their names suggest, each series expresses two different aspects of Luciano's surreal world.

While the portraits focused on particular sheep-meets-human people, the scenes series seeks to depict various situations and places. For instance, in one frame, the viewer sees a number of sheep-people reading newspapers at a bus stop. In another frame various sheep-ladies in light red dresses walk pass the display window of a shop. In yet another scene, sheep-hairdressers attend to the hair of sheep-clients.

What is so striking about this series is how normal and commonplace each scene is. What is strange is seeing sheep-people in such normal scenes doing such normal things.