- Sep 24, 2012
These seasonally sizzling hot Halloween costumes 2012 will make a bold statement at your yearly spooky evening celebrations.

Throughout the year, fashion plays with the taboo to make statements and shock society. These naughty motifs are ideal to find a perfect sensual Halloween costume. This compilation is filled with ideas and costumes to make a bold impression at your Halloween soiree. From naughty nuns to sexy french maids, this list showcases the best of adult hallow’s eve attire.

Some of the most risqué kitschy ideas come from the ever-popular Victoria’s Secret runway shows. These collections feature lingerie-clad ‘angels’ that take a variety of motifs and make them suggestive and costume-worthy. Anime conventions and couture editorials also play with the idea of costumed femmes to showcase a variety of princesses, superheroes nurses and felines. This Halloween 2012, embrace the generally accepted idea that Halloween is a time to get flirtatious with dress-up.

Inspiration for Hot Halloween Costumes 2012: