Models Disguised as Trees

 - Oct 14, 2008   Updated: Jul 6 2011
References: russianbodyart & retardedsnotebook
Trendhunter has written about body art and body painting before. In fact, we have showcased the extraordinary work of very talented and diverse artists such as Emma Cammack, Emma Hack and Kim Joon, among others.

The really beautiful and edgy work featured here shows models who were mostly painted to resemble trees, complete with twigs and branches. They were created by very talented Russian artists and photographed by William Mccormick.

Implications - This arboreal body art raises awareness about environmental issues by incorporating a human element into designs. Companies can benefit from this growing pattern of concern for the planet by providing products that have eco-conscious features. Global health has a long way to go before making a full recovery, so businesses need not worry about this need dying out anytime soon.