Happy Palinween

 - Oct 15, 2008
References: buycostumes & rickyshalloween
Sarah Palin Halloween costumes are expected to be popular this year and retailers are banking on it, both online and off.

Miss Alaska, Miss Vice President, Hottie Palin Hunter, and Sexy Palin Trapper are a just a few choices for those who want to be Sarah Palin look-a-likes. You can also buy knock-off Kawasaki 704 glasses, a wig, and a cheesy looking rifle; if those are worn with a red, white, and blue-bikini, you’ll have the complete fake photoshopped look of Palin in a bikini with a rifle.

Need more choices? You can buy a realistic paper mask of her entire head for $.99 or Trendhunter has plenty of Sarah Palin articles which feature her in various styles so you can make your own Sarah Palin Halloween costume. The most simple would be the photo shown above of Sarah Palin in a sweatshirt and black skirt with a peppy pony-tail— all you need are the glasses.