Zombie Emma Frost Mixes Sultry With Ghoulish Looks

Comic book superheros often die and come back to life, but I'm pretty sure no one envisioned it to look quite like this Zombie Emma Frost. This photo of one devoted cosplayer shows the super hot X-Men character with corpselike and rotting features and it's sure to send boys running to and away from this stunning model.

The Zombie Emma Frost photo is one submission found in the 'Women of Comicbook Cosplay' Tumblr blog, which features various ladies clad in superhero garbs. None of them, however, had the audacity to transform their face into the undead visage you're currently staring at.

Implications - Consumers are fascinated by zombie aesthetics because it confronts them with death, a notion that's intriguing while simultaneously uncomfortable for them. Corporations looking to garner shock attention from consumers may consider utilizing zombie-related imagery in their advertising campaigns.