The Lennette Newell Body Paint Series Explores Human's Wild Side

 - Sep 30, 2011
References: thesuiteworld
The Lennette Newell body pain series is a reality check showing some physical similarities between humans and animals -- and it’s more than just an exceptional job on body painting. The American painter is an animal lover who is passionate about the world.

Growing up in a ranch in Western Nebraska, the photographer developed a strong bond with nature. Her dad was a veterinarian, and by the age of six, she was a phenomenal horseback rider. Therefore, animals have always played a primary role in her life, which explains the reason why they are the main subjects of her work.

The body paint series is simply mesmerizing -- a true imitation of life. The detailed painting job is exceptional and creates a optical illusion; it’s hard to distinguish between the animal and the person. Every angle of the shot is carefully considered to enhance their similarity.

The Lennette Newell body paint series is mysterious and enchanting, reminding us about our close relation to the environment and that we all have a wild side.