Creative Costumes Ideas for 2007

 - Sep 30, 2007
References: hollywoodflakes.blogspot
Halloween is only a month away, so if you're planning on going out that night, better start planning now. If you're going to put in the effort to dress up, you want to make sure your costume is unique, clever and gets a lot of attention. To help you out, we scouted out some creative costume ideas for this October 31st.

If you're celebrity crazy, now's the time to channel your favourite Hollywood stars. Going out with the entire family? Consider going as Brangelina and kids. Jay Leno would be easy -- jump in a suit and spray paint your hair for the skunk-look he pulls off so well. Borat wouldn't be hard to do either! Love dressing up in elaborate gowns? Halloween can be the perfect excuse, and looking to movies like Elizabeth can be great inspiration.

What something a little more offbeat? Hollywood Flake had a few DIY ideas. Dressing up as a refrigerator magnet is as simple as attaching a black shoebox to your back. The Nudist on Strike lets you "Wear whatever you want," just "Create a picket sign that says, 'Nudist on Strike.'"

Let TV inspire you and go as the cast from Desperate Housewives; Survivor could be a fun one too.
Associated Content had a few ideas too. If you're a geek at heart, this can be the perfect time to express your true self. "A pair of polyester pants that are just above the ankle, white socks and a white short sleeved shirt do the trick to pull off this costume," AC said of the Nerd Costume. "Accent with a pocket protector, taped up rimmed glasses and a slicked back hair to finish off the look."

The queen of Halloween costumes has to be Heidi Klum at her annual Halloween bash. The a-listers invited have the cash to spend on opulent outfits, but you can let them inspire your own.

Or you can always take a clue from Paris Hilton on how to dress up as a beer girl at Oktoberfest. Have a date? Stick him in a pair of luxury lederhosen: