The Biocanina Pet Care Products Campaign is Bizarrely Adorable

 - May 21, 2013
References: leg-agency & ibelieveinadv
The Biocanina Pet Care Products ad campaign appears to revolve around a handful of human-animal hybrids. But instead of being a complete mixture of the two, the images simply depict dogs and a cat with human arms. The tag line reads, "Love him like you love yourself," which implies that the pet owner is being projected onto the image in the form of their animals.

Conceived and executed by Leg, an ad agency based in Paris, France, the Biocanina Pet Care Products ad campaign is art directed by Sebastien Pierre with creative direction by Gabriel Gaultier. A simple and attention-grabbing set of prints, it will appeal to pet lovers and Internet savvy individuals who live for hilarious animal videos on a daily basis. The images are adorable.