Brian Luoung is an Artist Equally Able to Master a Myriad of Mediums

 - Mar 22, 2011
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Most artists are content to operate within one or two mediums, but Brian Luoung is a rare example of a creative visionary who is equally able to move between various styles and formats with effortless ability and mastery.

Whereas some of his artworks feature digital graphics with an unmistakable science fiction influence, for example, this collection by Brian Luoung also showcases his ability to create rich and evocative artworks that boast a hand-drawn quality as well. Furthermore, some of his other pieces also take on the appearance of being painted--an aesthetic quality that is far removed from his more overtly computer-generated works.

Ultimately it's incredibly impressive to see an artist that is unafraid to explore a variety of different formats rather than one who merely resigns themselves to the safe and the certain. Well done Brian Luoung!