These Bright and Unusual Animal Art Works Combine Different Species

Artist Alexis Diaz combines different species in these hybrid animal art works. Diaz is a talented painter known for his murals, but he also does some colorful canvas art. These delightful paintings blend two or more animals, resulting in a visually captivating image.

One of these fantastic pictures combines a lioness with a rat. This is interesting because these animals are so radically different. One is a ferocious hunter, while the other is generally thought of as a bottom feeder. Other paintings combine several animals to create something strange and new. One, for instance, combines a hippo, a crab and a human. These fantastic hybrid artworks are bizarre, but fun to look at.

The backgrounds in most of these paintings are extremely bright, adding extra interest to these already odd pieces. Diaz uses existing animals to create monstrous experiment-gone-wrong style critters.