Urban X Stitch Creates Cross-Stitch Art on City Fences

 - May 4, 2014
References: facebook & designtaxi
This cross-stitch art is an exaggerated form of the traditional needle and thread work. Cross-stitching is something you usually imagine your grandmother doing in her pass-time and is not a common hobby among the younger demographic. However, street artist Urban X Stitch manages to make Cross-stitching more modern and engaging.

The artist turned sewing into a medium for huge mural-like public art without lasting consequences. Public street art heavily involves graffiti, which can leave permanent marks on buildings. Urban X Stitch doesn't leave any scars; he only uses brightly colored cloth and weaves it through city fences to create illustrations of animals like dogs, cats and owls. The "illustrations" are fun and playful and are the perfect artwork to be displayed in a schoolyard.