This Colorful Street Art is Animal Hybrid Focused

This impressive street art by artist Interesni Kazki peculiarly personifies animals to liven up this wall in the Ukraine. This mural pretty much contains all the colors of the rainbow, from yellows and oranges to blues, reds and pinks.

One of the creatures featured in this vibrant mural is a flamingo who is emerging from the side of the wall. This odd-ball flamingo is wearing pearls and wearing a blouse and holding a large human ear. If that weren't strange enough, there appears to be a man on the ground who is half fish -- or mermaid, maybe -- wearing a suit and tie and holding onto a briefcase. There also seems to be a giant featured in this funky mural. He's wearing a crazy black helmet and carrying a large sea shell up to the flamingo's ear. Calling this colorful street art peculiar seems to be a huge understatement.

Regardless of the strange content featured in the mural, it's still a lot of fun to look at.