'Your Farm' by Compassion in World Farming Comments on Animal Farming

 - Sep 4, 2015
References: action.ciwf.org.uk & thenews.pl
'Your Farm' is a toy from Compassion in World Farming that aims to shed light on the cruel realities of animal farming. Rather than taking the form of an idyllic red barn with ample space for a variety of farm animals to roam, the three-story animal factory only has enough space for chickens, pigs and cows to be packed side-by-side.

As well as being able to stuff animals into tight living quarters, Your Farm comes with antibiotics for animals and GMO soy to feed the animals. Once finished, small pieces of the animals can even be removed to be shipped off to the food industry.

As Compassion in World Farming's Krzysztof Mularczyk says: "We’re not in favor of hiding that truth either from the general public or even from children."