These Vegan Brushes Mimic the Feel of Animal Hair Bristles

 - Nov 5, 2015
References: wetnwildbeauty & bustle
'Wet n Wild' is set to release a line of cruelty-free makeup brushes that provide an inexpensive alternative for conscious consumers. Many high-quality makeup brushes are made from animal hair because the natural imperfections that occur across the length of the hair allow for better product application. This company has found a way to mimic the feel of animal hair bristles without harming any living creatures in the process.

The new Wet n Wild cruelty-free makeup brushes are designed to offer a vegan-friendly alternative for beauty enthusiasts. The brushes features stark white handles and dip-dyed pink bristles. Instead of animal hair, the bristles are made from synthetic thermoplastic polymer complex. This material mimics the micro-breaks that occur in real animal hair, which ensures that cosmetics go on smoothly.

The new set contains 17 vegan brushes, which means there is a cruelty-free option for applying any type of product.